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Marina Jelly SkeleBeadle Pendant
Chase Glass presents a new version of his SkeleBeadles - a SkeleBeadle made using @greasy_glass blue marina over white satin for the shell, accented with royal purple jelly for the face, arms, and legs.  Add a touch of artistic flair...
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The BeadleClops Prospector
"The BeadleClops Prospector" Pendant is a stunning addition to the esteemed Beadle series by Chase Glass. This unique pendant showcases a BeadleClops character mining in the rugged landscapes of the Arizonan mountainside, wielding a pickaxe with determination and prowess.   Crafted...
$199.99 $174.99
Pink HoneySnatcher Goblin
The Pink HoneySnatcher Goblin by Chase Glass is a remarkable and imaginative glass art piece that combines artistry with functionality. Chase Glass introduces his original "HoneySnatcher Goblin" concept, which brings to life a character with a "ready-to-fight, war-like" attitude. The...
Blue HoneySnatcher Goblin
The Blue HoneySnatcher Goblin by Chase Glass is a truly imaginative and visually striking glass art piece that showcases both artistry and functionality.  Chase Glass introduces his original "HoneySnatcher Goblin" concept, which combines fantasy and creativity. The goblin character is...
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Black HoneySnatcher Goblin
Step into the mesmerizing world of Chase Glass and his original creation, the "HoneySnatcher Goblin." Chase Glass's artistic vision comes to life in the form of these fierce and ready-for-battle goblins, and the Black HoneySnatcher Goblin is an exceptional embodiment...
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