Cyclops Chubby Bubby
Whitney Harmon Glass presents their timeless concept: the Chubby Bubby. At the heart of this extraordinary piece is the single hazy green-colored eyeball, meticulously crafted with a relaxed expression. Whitney Harmon's signature skill shines through each layer, creating a mesmerizing...
Rainbow Monolith
The Rainbow Monolith by Matt Beal is an exceptional and visually captivating piece that caters to dry herb (flower) smokers. The Rainbow Monolith boasts a unique and eye-catching design. It is crafted as a monolithic glass piece, which means it...
Sold Out
Cyclops Shaman
The Cyclops Shaman by Eli Mazet is a remarkable piece of functional glass art that showcases the artist's unique vision and style.  Eli Mazet has meticulously sculpted the Cyclops Shaman with precision and attention to detail. The piece features a...
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