Reece's Pieces Cookie
The Reece's Pieces Cookie rig by Lisa's Pieces is a delightful and whimsical piece of functional glass art that combines creativity, craftsmanship, and functionality in a sweet and visually appealing package. The Reece's Pieces Cookie rig is designed to resemble...
Stoned Morty
Lisa's Pieces returns with an exciting new creation that pays homage to the beloved characters of the hit television series Rick & Morty. Get ready to embark on a multi-dimensional adventure with the one and only Morty, as he takes...
Chestnut Equine
The Chestnut Equine by Lisa's Pieces is a true masterpiece that caters to both equine enthusiasts and glass collectors.  The Chestnut Equine is exquisitely designed to capture the essence of a majestic mare. Its tall stature and captivating blend of...
Bart Simpson Skateboard Deck
The "Bart Simpson Skateboard Deck" by Lisa's Pieces, a unique and playful addition to your collection. Lisa's Pieces brings America's favorite troublemaker, Bart Simpson, to life in a sculptural version that captures his classic red shirt and blue shorts. Bart...
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