Amethyst Skull Shredder
Introducing the "Amethyst Skull Shredder" by Carsten Carlile, a legendary work of art that combines stunning aesthetics with top-notch functionality. Carsten Carlile's Skull Shredders are renowned for their artistic excellence, and the "Amethyst Skull Shredder" is no exception. It is...
$3,399.99 $3,199.99
Green UV Skull Shredder
The "Green UV Skull Shredder" by Carsten Carlile is a stunning piece of functional art that seamlessly combines aesthetics with top-tier functionality. This piece boasts a mesmerizing blend of translucent neon green and slime colors that create an enchanting visual effect...
$1,899.99 $1,399.99
Mohawk Spider UV Skull Shredder
Carsten Carlile's Mohawk Spider UV Skull Shredder is a remarkable and visually captivating piece that showcases a fusion of artistry and functionality. The Mohawk Spider UV Skull Shredder introduces a unique and innovative concept that combines elements of dark aesthetics and...
$5,999.99 $5,799.99
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